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Genolini, C and Driss, T (2010)

Eveiller l'intérêt pour la statistique par l'exemple

Statistique et Enseignement 1(2), pp. 49-57.

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Abstract: Largely limited to technical programs in former times, statistical training is now pervasive in university education. As a result, instructors are often confronted with the problem of addressing audiences that do not particularly care for statistics. Motivation being a key ingredient for learning, instructors must exorcise the subject and arouse the students’ interest before delving into the material. One way to achieve this goal is to start with examples of general interest, i.e., examples that transcend disciplines and catch everyone’s attention, examples that can be told at a party and keep the guests entertained, examples touching on sensitive topics (income tax, violence) or challenging beliefs. This article describes a few examples of this sort.

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Subject Area(s): Statistics