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Sundheim, R and Busta, B (1993)

Fibonacci numbers tend to obey Benford's law: an extension of Wlodarski and Sentance

Working Paper, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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Abstract: In 1971, Wlodarski (1971) demonstrated that the first 100 Fibonacci and Lucas numbers closely followed a Benford distribution. Sentance (1973) extended and confirmed Wlodarski's work by observing the first 1,000 Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. Sentance also calculated a Chi-squared, observed the total distribution of all the digits in the first 1,000 Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, and calculated the expected and observed distributions for non-base 10 numbers. Wlodarski and Sentance focused on the first digit of the respective Fibonacci and Lucas numbers in all of their work. They did not analyze the second, third, fourth or other digits. In this paper, Sundheim and Busta extend Wlodarski and Sentance by studying the first 16,000 Fibonacci numbers and by examining the second, third and fourth digits of these numbers.

@misc{, title={Fibonacci numbers tend to obey benford's law: an extension of wlodarski and sentance}, author={Sundheim, Richard and Busta, Bruce}, note={Center for Business Research Working Paper No. xx-xx-xx, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota}, year={1993} }

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Subject Area(s): Number Theory