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Rousseau, R (2005)

Robert Fairthorne and the empirical power laws

Journal of Documentation 61(2), pp. 194-202.

ISSN/ISBN: Not available at this time. DOI: 10.1108/00220410510585188

Abstract: Purpose – Aims to review Fairthorne's classic article “Empirical hyperbolic distributions (Bradford-Zipf-Mandelbrot) for bibliometric description and prediction” (Journal of Documentation, Vol. 25, pp. 319-343, 1969), as part of a series marking the Journal of Documentation's 60th anniversary. Design/methodology/approach – Analysis of article content, qualitative evaluation of its subsequent impact, citation analysis, and diffusion analysis. Findings – The content, further developments and influence on the field of informetrics of this landmark paper are explained. Originality/value – A review is given of the contents of Fairthorne's original article and its influence on the field of informetrics. Its transdisciplinary reception is measured through a diffusion analysis.

@article{, title={Robert Fairthorne and the empirical power laws}, author={Rousseau, Ronald}, journal={Journal of Documentation}, volume={61}, number={2}, pages={194--202}, year={2005}, publisher={Emerald Group Publishing Limited}, ISSN={0022-0418}, DOI={10.1108/00220410510585188}, }

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