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Batange, C, Burgett, D, Haws, L and Nelson, SP (2023)

The "Benfordness" of Bach Music

Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 13(2) pp. 389-397.

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Abstract: In this paper we analyze the distribution of musical note frequencies in Hertz to see whether they follow the logarithmic Benford distribution. Our results show that the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Christian Bach is Benford distributed while the computer-generated music is not. We also find that computer-generated music is statistically less Benford distributed than human-composed music.

@article{, author = {Chadrack Bantange and Darby Burgett and Luke Haws and Sybil Prince Nelson}, title = {The "Benfordness" of Bach Music}, year = {2023}, journal = {Journal of Humanistic Mathematics}, volume = {13}, number = {2}, pages = {389—397}, url = {}, }

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Subject Area(s): General Interest