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Bastian, H, Frye, E, Gary, C, Houck, D, Schneider, M, Thomason, F and Werner, B (2021)

Data Analytics to Enhance Election Transparency

Critique of MITRE Report MP210086, Appendix C.

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Abstract: The authors of this Critique are unpaid volunteers, whose expertise covers a wide range of fields (Cyber Security, IT, Statistics, Physics, Economics, etc.). Our main interest is in assuring election integrity when American citizens legally express their preferences for their representatives. In the last few months we have generated multiple election-related reports — e.g. see Appendix. As such we were quite interested when we heard that MITRE people had just released an election Report. Based on its title, we were hopeful that this would be a thorough and objective analysis of the 2020 election, as transparency has been desperately needed. Unfortunately, the content was a disappointment — so much so that we decided that it was worth our time to put together a Critique of the MITRE Report.

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Reference Type: Technical Report

Subject Area(s): Voting Fraud