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Herzel, A (1956)

Sulla distribuzione delle cifre iniziali die numeri statistic [On the frequency of initial digits of statistical numbers]

Atti XV e XVI Riunione sci., Roma, [Proceedings of the XV and XVI Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society." 1957. Faculty of Demographic and Actural Statistics. Institute of Statistics and Institute of Probability: No. 25] pp. 205-228.

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@Misc{, Author = {Amato {Herzel}}, Title = {{Sulla distribuzione delle cifre iniziali dei numeri statistici.}}, Year = {1957}, Language = {Italian}, HowPublished = {{Atti XV e XVI Riunione Sci., Roma Aprile 1955-Giugno 1956, 205-228 (1956).}}, Zbl = {0074.14303} }

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Subject Area(s): Statistics