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Oriol, JC and Regnier, JC (2007)

La Loi de Benford et la Pratique d'enquêtes: Un Exemple de Situations Didactiques en Statistique Journees

Journées SFdS 2004.

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Abstract: In this article we describe and we analyze practices in statistic education for students in second year in university (precisely in Institut universitaire de technologie) between Benford probability distribution and investigations and survey made by students. In this situation, we research the relations between the genesis of statistic and the theory of didactic situations of Guy Brousseau.

@inproceedings{, title={La loi de Benford et la pratique d'enqu{\^e}tes: un exemple de situations didactiques en statistique}, author={Oriol, Jean-Claude and Regnier, Jean-Claude}, booktitle={XXXVI{\`e}mes JOURN{\'e}ES DE STATISTIQUE-SFDS}, year={2007}, }

Reference Type: Conference Paper

Subject Area(s): Mathematics Education