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Erdoğan, M, Erkan, M, Elitaş, C and Aydemir, O (2014)

Muhasebe Hilelerinin Denetiminde Benford Yasası [Benford's Law on Audit of Accounting Cheats]

Ankara: Gazi Kitabevi.

ISSN/ISBN: 6053441212 DOI: Not available at this time.

Note - this is a foreign language paper: TUR

Abstract: Not available at this time.

@book{, author = {Melih Erdoğan and Mehmet Erkan and Cemal Elitaş and Oğuzhan Aydemir}, title = {Muhasebe Hilelerinin Denetiminde Benford Yasası}, year = {2014}, publisher = {Gazi Kitabevi}, address = {Ankara}, isbn = {6053441212}, }

Reference Type: Book

Subject Area(s): Accounting