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Yücel, R and Özevin, O (2016)

The Application Of Benford Analysis On Balance Sheet Items Of Companies Traded In Bist

Papers On Social Science 2016, pp. 83-97.

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Abstract: In recent years, expanding digital analysis techniques and computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs) broadening the scope of the audit process, allowing the direction of facilitating and accelerating. One of these techniques, Benford Analysis, stands out for its simplicity and low cost. The Benford Law is based on the idea that the racial numbers are randomly different in each step. According to the Benford Law, the state of non-compliance with the expected values is regarded as a signal that the count is intervened. In the study Benford Analysis was applied to the balance sheet data for 2015 of the 500 companies traded in BIST. The purpose of the study is to investigate the usefulness of Benford Analysis as a preliminary audit method. Selected balance sheet data consist of 5 different items; Total Assets, Short Term Liabilities, Long Term Liabilities, Equity and Net Profit / Loss. The 1st and 2nd digit tests of Benford Analysis were applied to this balance sheet data and the expected results and the expected values were compared. As a result of the analysis, points that are outside the acceptable limits can be considered as fraud, and firms that need depth testing can be selected.

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Subject Area(s): Accounting