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Barbancho, I, Tardón, LJ, Barbancho, AM and Sbert, M (2016)

Benford's Law for Music Analysis

Proceedings of the 16th ISMIR Conference, Malaga, Spain, pp. 735-741.

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Abstract: Benford’s law defines a peculiar distribution of the leading digits of a set of numbers. The behavior is logarithmic, with the leading digit 1 reflecting largest probability of occurrence and the remaining ones showing decreasing probabilities of appearance following a logarithmic trend. Many discussions have been carried out about the application of Benford’s law to many different fields. In this paper, a novel exploitation of Benford’s law for the analysis of audio signals is proposed. Three new audio features based on the evaluation of the degree of agreement of a certain audio dataset to Benford’s law are presented. These new proposed features are succesfully tested in two concrete audio tasks: the detection of artificially assembled chords and the estimation of the quality of the MIDI conversions.

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Reference Type: Conference Paper

Subject Area(s): Applied Mathematics, General Interest