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Jameson, M, Thorner, J and Ye, L (2014)

Benford's Law for Coefficients of Newforms

arXiv:1407.1577 [math.NT]; posted July 7, 2014; last accessed November 10, 2014.

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Abstract: Let f(z)=∑∞n=1λf(n)e2πinz∈Snewk(Γ0(N)) be a normalized Hecke eigenform of even weight k≥2 on Γ0(N) without complex multiplication. Let ℙ denote the set of all primes. We prove that the sequence {λf(p)}p∈ℙ does not satisfy Benford's Law in any base b≥2. However, given a base b≥2 and a string of digits S in base b, the set Aλf(b,S):={p prime : the first digits of λf(p) in base b are given by S} has logarithmic density equal to logb(1+S−1). Thus {λf(p)}p∈ℙ follows Benford's Law with respect to logarithmic density. Both results rely on the now-proven Sato-Tate Conjecture.

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Subject Area(s): Analysis, Statistics