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van Maanen, H (1988)

De wet van...

Boom Meppel:Amsterdam; Chapter "Benford", pp.109-112.

ISSN/ISBN: 90-6009-865-X DOI: Not available at this time.

Note - this is a foreign language paper: DUT

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Abstract: What have Archimedes, Lavoisier, Kepler, Mendel and Parkinson in common? They were learned men, each in their own discipline, who have earned their honored place in the history of science. But their fame reaches further than that of many a 1earned colleague because they have given their name to a law that has become well-known. In this booklet the most well-known of these, twenty eight in number, are set in a row. Laws from physics, chemistry, and astronomy, but also biological, econo- mical, and social laws. Together they present an original view of the development of science.

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