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Dumičić, K and Cunjak Mataković, I (2019). Challenges of Benford’s Law goodness-of-fit testing in discovering the distribution of first digits: comparison of two industries. In Proceedings of 15th International Symposium on Operational Research SOR'19, Zadnik Stirn, L., Kljajić Borštnar, M., Žerovnik, J., Drobne, S., Povh, J. (Eds.), Slovenian Society Informatika, Section for Operational Research, Ljubljana, pp. 290-295.

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Mataković, IC (2019). The empirical analysis of financial reports of companies in Croatia: Benford distribution curve as a benchmark for first digits. Croatian Review of Economic, Business and Social Statistics (CREBSS) 5(2), pp. 90-100 . DOI:10.2478/crebss-2019-0014. View Complete Reference Online information Works that this work references No Bibliography works reference this work