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Périn, S (2007)

The Constructal Nature of the Air Traffic System

Ch. 6 in: Bejan, A, Merkx, GW (eds): Constructal Theory of Social Dynamics, Springer 2007.

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Abstract: INTRODUCTION: The Air Traffic System industry has a great impact on society and many human activities, for examples, through immigration flows, the effect on economy or the health risk due to disease propagation, and the various environmental impacts of air traffic. This world leading industry is facing serious and contradictory challenges for its future development: a threefold increase of traffic in term of passengers and aircraft and an always greater pressure of the overall society concerning the reduction of the environmental impacts of its activity (noise and gas emissions, etc.). In this specific context of a search for new concepts and for a global better efficiency of the Air Traffic System, we propose to study these specific flows as flows optimally distributed both in space and in time on the basis of the constructal law. This law is the basis for the general framework of the constructal theory of global optimization of flows under local constraints. The constructal law of generation of configurations for maximum flow access in freely morphing structures offers an extensible and complementary view to classical approaches and can be used to generate and refine many Air Traffic System flow distribution patterns. In this chapter, we show that complex Air Traffic System flows such as airport and air traffic flows are bundles of refracted paths, which owe their global shape to the maximization of flow access.

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Subject Area(s): Applied Mathematics